Counselling for Business

Support for employees and their families
Cymoedd support plans can reduce the incidence of absence due to mental ill-health

For business we offer a packeage of counselling, potentially supported by management training for awareness of the issues staff are experiencing, either for individuals or groups aimed at developing coping skills and new approaches to the presenting issues.
(If you are experiencing issue at home or at work and would like support see our individual page or call for a no obligation review to see if you would be happy to work with us.)

Nearly half a million people in the UK believe that they are suffering from work related stress at a level that is making them unwell.Cymoedd Employee Support Plans can reduce the incidence of absence due to mental ill-health by providing counselling support for your employees and their families.


Millions of Working Days Lost

15.2 Million working days were lost to mental ill health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety in 2013!
(ONS, Sickness Absence in the Labour Market, February 2014)


British Adults Stressed

44% of British adults state they currently feel stressed.
(Bupa Stress Survey 2013)


Employer Health Measures

Less than 1/3rd of employees believe their organisation has the right mental health measures in place.
(One Poll, Employee mental health survey. June 2014)