Counselling for Couples

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Listen and Plan

Cymoedd Counselling will assess each of you seperately and together so that we have listened to your individual difficulties and understand what your goals might be. We will then outline a plan of therapy, either in individual therapy or in a group or workshop, but we will always advocate the support that we believe will help you the most.

Many families and couples come to us looking for help repairing difficult rifts after communication, trust and mutual respect have broken down or when an addiction is present. We work with each individual involved, looking at how he or she can best represent themselves, and with the resulting relationship.

We examine how resentments may have built up; we look at how normal boundaries and expectations may have given way to life's sometimes daunting demands. There's no perfect formula for a happy family and relationship but there are certainly ideal componenets, such as clean communication and good self esteem that can vastly improve a family dynamic and which we can teach.

Our Approach

Our approaches to relationship counselling depend very much on the issues being presented.
Some counselling sessions work with family groups, and others with a pair.
Whatever the relationship or the need, we will work with you to address a specific issue.

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