Counselling for Groups

Group Counselling
More security for individuals

Counsellors at Cymoedd recognise some of us struggle to discuss our issues in a one to one situation and therefor we organise group counselling or development sessions to give individuals a greater security and allow them to see that they are not alone in their feelings, perhaps of depression, anxiety or anger.
Many such individuals start with group sessions before booking one on one counselling to confront their issues directly. The choice is yours.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

As an example, this is an 8 week course for people who are keen to learn how to reduce stress and live happier lives. Using a synthesis of the ancient skill of mindfulness meditation and modern cognitive therapy methods you will learn how to relate to your thoughts and feelings in a new way, freeing yourself from the power of old repetitive patterns of worry and anxiety.
One counsellor has had over 20 years experience of practicing mindfulness meditation and six years as a Buddhist monk. Now we combining this with the latest research into how mindfulness and cognitive therapy can enable us to free our minds from negative patterns of thought, freeing up energy to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Counselling for Families
Repairing relationships

Many families and couples come to us looking for help repairing difficult rifts after communication, trust and mutual respect have broken down or when an addiction is present. We work with each individual involved, looking at how he or she can best represent themselves, and with the resulting relationship.

Our approaches to relationship counselling depend very much on the issues being presented. Some counselling sessions work with family groups, and others with a pair. Whatever the relationship or the need, we will work with you to address a specific issue.